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Fashion Design App. ­ MIFF Style

Terms and Conditions


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Deadline: March 30, 2015.

The applications are accepted exclusively on-line. For further informations or questions please mail to fashion@miff.it and we will respond as soon as possible.

1. Minimum age for applicants: 18 years.

2. Registration fee must be sent no later than March 30, 2015.

3. Selected candidates will be asked for a preliminary phone interview before the final selection.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society or MIFF Awards, disclaims any responsibility for costs of sending the required documentation, promotional items, etc., and for the return of the materials sent to the association. The material required for the selection must be sent exclusively via internet following the directions of our Fashion department.

5. Womenís and Man's collections are eligible for participation.

6. The application will only be considered if the required fee is paid and recorde through WAB.

7. The winning candidate will have the option show his outfits. An additional fee could be requested in case of a complete Fashion show presentation.

8. In the event the Winning candidate should decide to present a Fashion show, must be in Milan by the morning of the date before the Leonardoís Horse Award Ceremony on May 10, 2015. Non-profit Cultural Association Made in Milan International Film Society will offer the candidate 2 nights hotel accomodations. The transportation to/from Milan will be the responsibility of the candidate.

9. In the event the Winning candidate should decide to present a Fashion show, only some of the costs of the runway show will be provided by the Film Society and MIFF Awards. The festival runway show will take place under the supervision and approval of Leonardo Da Vinci Film Societyís Fashion Department.

10. The candidates agree to endow MIFF Awards the right to use the name, all images and information regarding the "video-collection" for promotional purposes in all media, TV and internet included.

11. The Non-Profit Association Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society and the organizers of MIFF Awards reserve the right to make necessary modification to rules and scheduling if needed for the success of the event. The changes will be addressed in writing via email to all submitted films.

12. IMPORTANT: in case the winning candidate is not an Italian national, must be follow the rules for temporary import for the shipping of your work for customs purposes. Please find out more information on how to do this by contacting MIFF Awards, the local chambers of commerci or your shipping company. Extraneous fee payments for customs, due to negligente or lack of adequate information will be charged to the sender. If, due to unpaid customs fees, the shipment of the garments are held back, the winning candidate must forfeit the prize for the runner up candidate.

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