8-18 maggio 2013


Director: Caterina Monzani, Sergio Vega Borrego
Cinematographer: Sergio Vega Borrego
Editor: Sergio Vega Borrego Producer: Caterina Monzani
Country: United Kingdom, Italy Runtime: 01 hr : 07 min : 00 sec

THE VALLEY OF THE JATO portrays the daily life of self-made journalist Pino Maniaci on his personal crusade to free Sicily from corruption with his family run TV Station, Telejato. In a land fighting with itself to purge old traditions, energetic, chain-smoking Pino Maniaci appears as a controversial maverick struggling to stay on-air in shifting times.

Caterina Monzani
Caterina was born in Italy. After a BA in cinema studies, she worked as assistant producer for various documentaries while developing personal projects. She moved to London in 2006 where she attended the The National Film and Television School. She lives and works in London as documentary director and producer. Filmography: The Valley of the Jato (2012); The Love Bureau
Sergio Vega
Sergio is a Spanish editor and filmmaker. After graduating with a BA in Audiovisual communication from the Complutense´s University of Madrid, Sergio won a UIP and Robert Gavron Charitable Trust scholarship to attend the National Film and Television School in London. He has been working on a wide range of projects as editor that have won multiple awards including the Talent Dove at Leipzig film festival and the Royal Television Society Student Award. For Sergio filmmaking is not a job but a need and a way to understand and learn about life. Filmography (as director): The Valley of the Jato (2012); Bestiario (2008); Sleepless city(2006); The wedding of the first born (2004).
Other Nominees for Best Documentary

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