8-18 maggio 2013


Director: Steve Hoover
Cinematographer: John Pope
Editor: Steve Hoover Producer: Danny Yourd
Country: Canada Runtime: 01 hr : 45 min : 00 sec

BLOOD BROTHER, the winner of Grand Jury Prize and Audience Prize at Sundance Film Festival 2013, is a powerful documentary about an ordinary young guy whose life turns extraordinary when he falls in love with the orphaned children suffering from HIV/AIDS during his travel in India.

Rocky Braat lies, sweating, on the floor of a concrete hut. There is the incredible heat of the Indian noon and the ineffectual squeak of the ceiling fan stirring the hot air. He has just returned from America, where Visa issues forced him to stay for two months. The children he spends his days among as an amateur dentist, cook, and brother are only a five minute walk across a field and down a red-dirt road, but his fever and the manner in which HIV has devastated their immune systems keeps him away. A day later the fever breaks. He is back with the kids, rigging a projector and sheet to show them American movies, fixing a massive pot of Indian style macaroni and cheese. The danger has passed, and there is work to be done. In the night he listens to the rats banging around in his metal locker and the bugs skittering across the floor and the ineffectual squeaking of the fan and wonders if tomorrow infection will break out, if next week a small boy will go completely blind, if next month his Visa will be denied again, and he’ll have to leave India and live in much more agreeable climates where people he loves do not die as easily as the wind changes directions.

Steve Hoover has been directing commercials and music videos for the past six years. His work has been shown on virtually every media outlet and has amassed more than 100 million YouTube views. Hoover is a director at Animal, a production and visual-effects facility in Pittsburgh. Blood Brother, which he wrote, directed, produced, and narrated, is his first feature film
Other Nominees for Best Documentary

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