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Since the first edition, important names in the film industry worldwide have supported MIFF such as, Charlize Theron, George Clooney, Robert Boyle (Oscar ad honorem 2008), Pupi Avati…but a big thank you goes to the audience, to the filmmakers, to the media and to the sponsors. An entourage of collaboration, which without it, MIFF could not be what it is now.


The MIFF audience cover a wide age scale. Its attendees have constantly been rising and come from different levels of society, including those most updated and sophisticated. Yet - nicknamed the "Sundance of Europe" by press and media - its target cover a trendy/pop-culture rank as intellectual as well. A film positively received at MIFF is well received everywhere as MIFF's past edition films prove, which have been awarded and gain distribution around the world.

“...Edizione dopo edizione, il MIFF è cresciuto e si è rafforzato in una manifestazione ricca di stimoli, sede d’ispirazione, d’innovazione e di un’ampia varietà stilistica..”
Charlize Theron


Our supporters include some of the most respected and important names in the film industry worlwide such as George Clooney, Charlize Theron (Oscar® Award for Monster), Martin Landau (Actor, Oscar® Award for Ed Wood), Daniel & Billy Baldwin, John Savage (Il Cacciatore...), Robert Forester (Oscar Nomination per Jackie Brown...), Dante Spinotti (L'Ultimo dei Mohicani...), Minnie Driver (Genio Ribelle...), Faye Dunaway (Chinatown...), Michael Radford (Il Postino, Il Mercante di Venezia...), Daryl Hannah (Blade Runner...), Franco Nero, Valentina Cortese, Vincent Schiavelli (Qualcuno Volò sul Nido del Cuculo, Ghost...), Mark Damon (9 Settimane e 1/2, Monster...), Carlo Ponti, Gary Sinise (Oscar per Forrest Gump...), Alexander Payne (Director, Something About Schmidt), Paolo Ferrari (Presidente Warner Brothers Italia...), Albert Brenner (5 Oscar Nomination tra cui Pretty Woman...), Ricardo Avila (ex Presidente Columbia/Sony Pictures Italia) Shaila Rubin (The Passion, Gangs of New York...), Tomas Arana (Actor, The Gladiator), Gian Marco Tognazzi

”...condivido l'idea del MIFF nel portare alla luce il cinema indipendente di qualità,i suoi filmmaker e i suoi creatori.”
George Clooney



The majority of MIFF film's fillmmakers are always present in Milan as well as in Los Angeles. They come from the most prestigious and respected film schools and universities spanning the globe. As their bios published in MIFF program books over the years display they include American Film Institute (where founder Andrea Galante graduated in 1996), NYU, USC, UCLA, Temple University, Northwestern University, Moscow State Institute of Culture, etc.

“Sono un grande sostenitore del MIFF, che fin dai suoi primi anni, ho visto crescere, diventare più prestigioso, maturare nell’evento cinematografico milanese di riferimento."
Robert Boyle



MIFF media coverage has constantly been increasing year by year. Our followers in the world of mass-media particpate with more and more enthusiasm rising MIFF popularity among the public, distributors and filmmakers.


Among the sponsor of previous editions are Leader brands and companies worldwide, in every field. From Distribution and Production companies, technology, airlines, major vehicle brands and hotel chains such as Technicolor, Mercedes Benz, Delta Airlines, The Holliwood Reporter, David Mayer, Martini, Alitalia, Pirelli Re, Audi, Swiss International Airlines, Apple, Europlex Cinemas, Mondo Home Entertainment, Gruppo Brera Hotels, Monrif Hotels, Bertolio Hotels, Hotel Enterprise, Hotel Verdi, Hotel Concorde, Hotel Hermitage, Hotel Royal Garden, Hotel Brun, Holyday INN, Vini D’Aquino, Promocard, Casablabca Café, ATM-Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, Cellhire Mobile Solutions, APT-Azienda Promozione Turistica, Los Angeles Film School...

“Una mostra, dedicata agli indipendenti, con una reputazione prestigiosa che, forte nei suoi obiettivi nel riconoscere ed alimentare la libertà artistica, nutre l’ispirazione della comunità dei filmmaker globale.”
Pupi Avati

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