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MIFF Awards and Milan (World EXPO 2015) represents the opportunity to secure a link to a strong marketing tool.

An international event highlighting the best of indie films: not only Made in Italy, Made in Milan, the city of World EXPO 2015 (40 million people expected in 6 months).

A new, fresh format arrives already with a tradition of world-famous celebrities and prestigious filmmakers.

A rare occasion to partner with an empowering event which is revolutionizing the film festival format and has proven years of experience in cost-effective budgeting.

A way to expose your brand to an international audience by communicating through independent cinema partnered with local cultural institution and the glamour of high fashion.



• Media Coverage
500% increase since MIFF inaugural, including International Press and TV Networks (RAI, CNN, SKY, Mediaset…), National Radio and Web Media Networks, (press coverage available upon request).

• Audience attendance at the festival
Every year MIFF’s audiences grow larger, and the past 2 editions have reached full capacity for all audience screening.

• Visual Contacts
Through billboards and public-transportations advertising in varius cities througout Italy, MIFF reaches more than 1 million per day.



Best Film 2005 & Top box office in Italy for 2 weeks

Head in the Clouds,
(Gioco di donna) by director John Duigan with Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron




Best Film 2006 & Exhibition in 350 theaters – a record for MIFF films

Lucky Number Slevin
(Slevin – Patto Criminale), by Paul McGuigan with Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley



Italian Premiere at MIFF 2007 & Best German film of the year (Lola Awards) & Box office record in Italy

Four Minutes,
(Quattro Minuti) by director Chris Kraus with Hannah Herzsprung, Monica Bleibtreu






• 14 Official Awards + 8 Special Recognitions each edition.


All the information and details on MIFF Awards Sponsorship Levels available are easily obtainable upon request at this link.

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