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MIFF media coverage has constantly been increasing year by year. Our followers in the world of mass-media particpate with more and more enthusiasm raising MIFF popularity among the public, distributors and filmmakers.

MIFF Awards 2009 / 9ª Edition

“The Milanese Statuette Awards”

“Miff Premiere...Facebook in the theaters”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, 27 aprile, 2009

“Feisbum, it's time to red carpet”

“Martin Landau and film from USA...”
LA REPUBBLICA, 6 Maggio, 2009

“An "Oscar" festival”
METRO, 6 Maggio, 2009

“Milan becomes a small Hollywood...”
IL GIORNALE, 7 Maggio, 2009

“...let's begin with Feisbum”
LEGGO, 7 Maggio, 2009

“Among Independent talents”
EPOLIS, 7 Maggio, 2009

“Festivals are useful only if they give value to who is not famous”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, 13 Maggio, 2009

“Movies? Without good value anymore”
IL GIORNALE, 13 Maggio, 2009

“Landau awarded at MIFF”
LA REPUBBLICA, 13 Maggio, 2009

“Top model Sara Ziff wins...”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, 19 Maggio, 2009

ELLE MAGAZINE, Giugno, 2009

MIFF Awards 2009 has been covered by the following channels and TV shows (list in progress):
- Cominciamo bene RAI 3, 16 aprile 2009, ore 11:00
- Festa italiana RAI 1, 16 aprile 2009, ore 14:30
- Mattina sul 2 RAI 2, 17 aprile 2009, ore 11:00
- Cinematografo RAI 1, 17 aprile 2009, ore 24:00


Media coverage published on-line is just a partial collection of the Ninth edition's most significant articles. A complete press coverage is easily obtainable on request. Please send an e-mail to presscoverage@miff.it specifying your name, telephone number, time of your availability, and the e-mail address where you wish to receive all the details.

Copying and shipping expenses are to be paid by the requester. We remind you that MIFF Awards coverage is always in progress. Thus, please note that even the most up-to-date press coverage package may be missing articles that have been produced very recently. Thank you for your consideration.


The following is a brief record of quotes since MIFF's First edition. All editions' complete media coverage is available at the bottom of the page in PDF format.

MIFF 2000 / 1st Edition

“...Cinema and multimedia technologies have finally found a meeting point… MIFF represents a new experience that takes place in one of the most peculiar and superb parts of Milan… The city of industry and business has been missing for long time a project like this: a festival able both to drive the attention to the independent cinema and to promote the image of a modern city.”
LA PADANIA, October 20, 2000

“…two glamorous worlds in touch: Hollywood and Milan's fashion.”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, october 27, 2000

“…a synergy between world of fashion and Hollywood.”
CIAK, october, 2000

MIFF 2001 / 2nd Edition

“Following Robert Redford’s footsteps: MIFF is in Europe what Sundance is in the USA: a place where independent cinema and filmmakers and works directed without following the standards suggested by major companies.”
IL GIORNALE, october 15, 2001

“Even if it follows the Utah experience, MIFF does not forget the best tradition of the Italian cinema…”
LA REPUBBLICA, october 26, 2001

“Milan likes Sundance.”
FILM TV, october, 2001

MIFF 2002 / 3rd Edition

“MIFF represents the showcase for independent productions…It is divided into 2 sections, “Feature Films” and “Short Films” in order to provide an general overview of the world productions.”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, october 23, 2002

“Maria Teresa Ruta hosted a gala evening for MIFF Festival, the project that brought to Milan worldwide protagonists of the independent cinema.”
IL GIORNALE, november 4, 2002

“…a selection of feature films and short films characterised by the harmony among cinema, technology and business... MIFF developed a new genre: faction, combination of fact and fiction…”
TUTTO MILANO, october 24, 2002

MIFF 2003 / 4th Edition

“…The passion for cinema is brought to the screen in the glamorous atmosphere of a Chic Milan…”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, october 30, 2003

“…The Italian core and pivotal point of independent cinema…”
LA REPUBBLICA, october 21, 2003

“This festival provide the audience with the opportunity of appreciating the works of many international filmmakers... A unique mix of high quality independent cinema.”
DUEL, october, 2003

MIFF 2005 / 5th Edition

“MIFF, festival of independent cinema, turns the Da Vinci's Horse into the Oscar of Milan.”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, october 15, 2004

“…Giovanni Bozzetti underlined the importance of this event: «The objective of the International Film Festival is to define Milan as a city that can host such an important film festival»”
IL GIORNO, march 4, 2005

“Peace, East and movie stars: Milan is the showcase for the new cinema. From five years on, Milan has a high quality independent film festival inspired by overseas experiences such as Sundance and Tribeca. We are talking about MIFF: a film festival that prefers solid narration and involving plots combined with new techniques, new genres and new formats (video and digital).”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, march 9, 2005

“…one of the best selections of worldwide independent cinema.”
CITY, march 10, 2005

“«You can't miss this event if you love cinema» tells George... A lot of filmmakers, good films, and movie-business, from the 10th till the 20th of March at the Sundance of Italy.”
SOHO, march, 2005

MIFF 2006 / 6th Edition

“...MIFF represents a meeting place for filmmakers, stars and producers who all take part at this event and for the audience...”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, march 28, 2006

“...Bubble by Soderbergh-Clooney, two artists who are the long-supporters of American independent cinema, is going to be the film-event of the sixth edition of MIFF, which has been looking into the independent cinema showed by Tribeca and Sundance.'”
LA REPUBBLICA, march 28, 2006

“...the Italian Academy Award of independent cinema...”
LEGGO, march 28, 2006

“Cinema and pop art: Hollywood stars take part at MIFF 2006...”
CITY, march 30, 2006

“Two weeks full of worldwide previews with the protagonists of the independent cinema.”
PRIMA PAGINA, march 31, 2006

“...the week of cinema in Milan...”
IL GIORNALE, april 8, 2006

“Ten days of previews and meetings with the protagonists of the independent cinema...”
METRO, april 10, 2006

“...the Italian festival of the international independent cinema...”
CHI, april, 2006

MIFF 2007 / 7th Edition

“Small Independent films grow. A new window on Milan and ten absolute premieres...”
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, march 21, 2007

“among independent and art-house films. Quality Cinema, it’s time for MIFF”
LEGGO, March 22, 2007

“...a privileged channel to get in touch with filmmakers coming up...”
CITY, March 22, 2007

“MIFF, the movies help the brain”
LIBERO, March 29, 2007

MIFF 2008 / 8th Edition

“Cat walks of Independents at the festival”
LA REPUBBLICA, April 4, 2008

“Maintain high quality of titles in competition in the name of Independent cinema”
METRO, April 7, 2008



Here below is possible to download the total media and press coverage list (yet in progress) since MIFF inaugural edition up to date PDF format.
Total Media Coverage

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document. If you don't have the program you can easily download it free at the following link: PDF SOFTWARE.

If you are not able to download the program or view the document, you can request it via email to pressoffice@miff.it please let us know the problem occurred, your name, email, and phone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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