8-18 maggio 2013

Pawel Lucewicz
Paweł Lucewicz, born in 1985, is a Polish film music composer. Graduate of the Department of Jazz and Pop Music at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music he made his debut in 2000 and for the next five years he was composing music for various plays and performances. Since 2005 he started working for films and television by scoring and composing. His first feature “Piksele” (The Pixels) was released in 2010. In recent years, he scored the feature films: „Christopher” and „The Boxer”, which won the Outstanding Achievement Award in International Cinema from the Beverly Hills Film, Tv, and New Media Festival, Cine Golden Eagle Award and an Award of Excellence at Los Angeles Movie Awards. Besides composing, Paweł Lucewicz also works as an arranger and orchestrator. He orchestrated for movies like: “Janosik - A true Story” (directed by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik), “Beetwen Two Fires” (directed by Agnieszka Łukasiak), and „Roraima -Climbing The Lost World” (directed by Christian Lonk and Philipp Manderla). In 2012 after completing his work for Liliana Komorowska’s new feature documentary “Beauty and the Breast”, Paweł was nominated for the BoWarto Award, granted by RMF Classic, for the best film music composer.

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