8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - His wife's diary / Alexey Uchitel / Andrey Smirnov, Olga Budina, Galina Tunina, Evgeny Mironov His wife's diary Andrey Smirnov, Olga Budina, Galina Tunina, Evgeny Mironov

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1a Edizione - 2001 / Lungometraggi
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Alexey Uchitel / Russian Federation / 2000/ 110 min
Andrey Smirnov, Olga Budina, Galina Tunina, Evgeny Mironov 

The story of the famous russian writer Ivan Bunin (1870-1953). The action takes place in 1928-1945 and includes Bunin's stay in Paris and Grass. From the view of his wife Vera and a family friend, the young writer Gurin, the film evokes the peripetia of a romance between the aging writer and young poet Galina Kuznyestova. Bunin receives the Nobel prize (1933) but he is left by Galina, who reunites with her former lover the singer Margo Kovtun. During the war it also comes to a break between Bunin and Gurin. After the war, Margo and Galina travel to America and Vera hopes her husband will find fresh inspiration.

   His wife's diary
History / Drama
   Dunya Smirnova 
   Elena Andreeva 
   Alexey Uchitel, Alexander Golutva 
   Yuri Klimenko 
   Vera Zelinskaia, Nikol Samonov 
   Dolby Digital

foto bio

Alexey Uchitel (born 1951) worked as a director in the Leningrad Documentary Studio. In 1990 founded film studio "Rock". In his film Alexey Uchitel maintains the tradition of Russian documentary films. His film "Leningrad in Struggle" is known around the world. "His wife's diary" is a film about solitude.

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