8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Mind the gap / Eric Schaeffer / Alan King, Elizabeth Reaser, Eric Schaeffer, Jill Souble Mind the gap Alan King, Elizabeth Reaser, Eric Schaeffer, Jill Souble

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5a Edizione - 2005 / Lungometraggi
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Eric Schaeffer / USA / 2004
Alan King, Elizabeth Reaser, Eric Schaeffer, Jill Souble 

Have you ever walked past a woman on the street, and as she passed, her scent made you feel sure you knew her even though she was a stranger? Have you ever walked in the park as the fading fall sunset through the pine trees dappled the ground in front of your footsteps like an offer from the heavens to walk towards your dreams? You think of a friend and then she calls, you hear a song on the radio and are transported to a memory you’re not sure is yours or not but it feels so familiar... We are all connected, and most of us know that on some deep level whether that knowledge penetrates our hearts or is stopped by our minds that want to fight for the illusion that we are forever separate from each other and from the beautiful world we live in...

   Mind the gap
   Eric Schaeffer 
   Mitch Stanley 
   T. Michael, E. Schaeffer 
   Mark Blandori 
   Tamar Gadish 
   Veigar Margeirsson 
   Dolby Digital

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Eric Schaeffer studied Drama at Bard College and drove a cab to support himself while writing screenplays. He writes, directs, produces, and stars in his own films, which are frequently semi-autobiographical comedies set in his old neighbourhood. He made his debut feature, the semi-autobiographical comedy My Life’s in Turnaround, along with fellow actor/writer/director Donal Lardner Ward. The team also created the TV series New York Daze, which ran for one season on FOX. With the help of producer Terence Michael, his next two films were romantic comedies in which he also starred. He wrote both for TV and cinema. His latest acting/writing/directing project is Mind the Gap.

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