8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Underground / Aimee Lagos, Kristin C. Dehnert / Anne Ramsay, Shaun Toub, Dwayne Wycoff Underground Anne Ramsay, Shaun Toub, Dwayne Wycoff

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Teatro delle Erbe, Luned́ 03 novembre ore 19.00
Teatro delle Erbe, Sabato 08 novembre ore 14.00

Aimee Lagos, Kristin C. Dehnert / USA / 2003/ 11 min
Anne Ramsay, Shaun Toub, Dwayne Wycoff 

This film is a heart-racing ride through a woman's day on a city subway with a shocking conclusion that challenges the audience to face their preconceived notions, their prejudices, and their fears.  "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are"!

Action / Thriller
   Aimee Lagos, Kristin C. Dehnert 
   Logan Breit 
   Aimee Lagoos, Kristin Dehnert, Estee Chandler, Joanne Duray 
   David Stockton 
   July Berghoff 
   Robert Duncan 
   Dolby Digital

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Lagos and Dehnert first met in 2001 while working on a film for New Line Cinema. Kristin C. Dehnert, currently living in Los Angeles and originally from Chicago, worked as a Location Manager for major feature films before making her transition to directing.  Aimee Lagos, raised in New Jersey, began her directing career directing for a  New York City theatre company and went on to work in film as a script supervisor and in production on major feature films before making her film directing debut. Together they formed Smash Cut Films in Los Angeles and with their diverse experience in film behind them, were in full production on their first film Underground within a couple months of completing the script.

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