8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - L'ape e il vento / Massimiliano Camaiti / Cosimo Cinieri, Piera Degli Espositi L'ape e il vento Cosimo Cinieri, Piera Degli Espositi

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Cortometraggi
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Massimiliano Camaiti / Italy / 2010
Cosimo Cinieri, Piera Degli Espositi 

Matteo, a young engineer, goes back to the mountains where he grew up to visit his fathers' grave. Around him, the quiet calm is just partially broken by a bee flying on his hand. But on his way back downstream, his car skids and ends up in a snowy ditch and Matteo is obliged to head for a house nearby to ask for help. Here, he meets Giulio, an old farmer who appears to be living in his own world; after assisting Matteo in rescueing his car by means of an obsolete tractor, he invites him to stay for dinner. And the young engineer decides to spend the night in that house full of memories, feelings and nostalgia.

   L'ape e il vento
   Andrea De Micheli 
   Dolby Digital

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Massimiliano Camaiti Born in Rome in 1977, after graduating in Economics, he decides to fully live his true passion, cinema. He starts working on Italian directors' sets, as Carlo Verdone's, Silvio Soldini's and Andrea Barzini's. He participates, at first as editor then as screenwriter, at several tv series. He directs the second part of Crimini and Romanzo Criminale - The serie. In his background, he has two other shorts as well, "L'amore non esiste" and "Armando", which got finalist at David of Donatello awards in 2007. Now, he is writing his first feature film, "Ancora tu".

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