8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Ana's Playground / Eric D. Howell / Noah Kol Balfour, Raven Bellefleur Ana's Playground Noah Kol Balfour, Raven Bellefleur

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10a Edizione - 2010 /
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Eric D. Howell / United Kingdom / 2010
Noah Kol Balfour, Raven Bellefleur 

Ana's Playground depicts just another day for children surrounded by armed conflict. When Ana is forced into a sniper zone to retrieve a soccer ball, she finds herself in a game of cat-and-mouse with a mysterious shooter. When their interaction comes to a head, she and her friends make the ultimate decision. The film shows that a moment of humanity can quickly be lost in an environment of war and violence.

   Ana's Playground
War / Reality
   Jillian Nodland, Marsha Trainer, Mary Jo Howell 
   Dolby Digital

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Eric D. Howell began his film career at the age of 10 making movies with his father’s 8mm camera. At the age of 18 he landed his first industry job as a special effects technician. From camera operator, stuntman, and locations scout, to dolly grip, screenwriter, director and producer, he has experienced every role involved in the production of motion pictures over the past 19 years. After completing his award-winning first short film The Interview, Eric was hired to direct a nationally syndicated children’s television program and continues working on feature and commercial projects. He is currently involved in the development of several feature projects.

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