8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Without / Natalia Andreadis / Stephanie O'Brien, Charles Oppenheim Without Stephanie O'Brien, Charles Oppenheim

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10a Edizione - 2010 /
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Natalia Andreadis / Spain / 2010
Stephanie O'Brien, Charles Oppenheim 

In a bare room, a doberman sleeps on the floor, tied to a rusty metal block. On the other side of the room is a woman. She is barely clothed and lying on an old bed, tied up. It is clear that she has been there for a long time. The bed is covered in stains, the woman’s wrists and ankles are raw from struggling against the ties, and her face is stained with tears. When she surprisingly manages to free one of her hands, the dog begins an incessant angry barking. The woman hurries to free herself from the complex knots but it is difficult for her to concentrate as the doberman is pulling on his own rope, lunging at her. All the noise alerts her mysterious captor and he heads for the room. Footsteps approach. Can she make it? And who is her captor?

Action / Drama
   John Brian Smith 
   Dolby Digital
   Mglior Corto fino a 15 minuti/Best Short up to 15 minutes

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Natalia Andreadis is a London-based independent filmmaker with an incredible passion for film. She studied at the University of Kent, the Sorbonne in Paris and New York University, and has both a BA (Hons) and an MA in Film, as well as being an Apple-certified editor and colourist. After university, she moved from Paris to Los Angeles where she worked for producer Dan Halsted ('The Virgin Suicides', 'Any Given Sunday'), experiencing film production first-hand. After three years of working on various high-budget sets for various producers, she moved to London where she chose to work as a freelance editor as a way of financing her own projects. In January 2009, she started 'rosebeef films' with producer John Brian Smith in order to develop interesting and original independent films for a wide audience. Their first production, the short film 'Without', entered festival markets in the autumn of 2009 and has already been selected for over a dozen festivals world-wide. With another three short films in development, it is only a matter of time until you hear more from her.

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