8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Sex Volunteer / Kyeong-Duk Cho / Yeo-Reum Han Sex Volunteer Yeo-Reum Han

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Kyeong-Duk Cho / South Korea / 2010/ 110 min
Yeo-Reum Han 

A group of three people, a young female student, Ye-Ri, a disabled handicap, Chun-Guil, and a priest, gets arrested in a hotel room for a suspected prostitution. During police investigation, the group claims that the girl was a volunteer, a sex volunteer. Chun-Guil, who cannot use arms or legs, has taught himself to become a poet. However, he failed to express his feelings to his first crush. He also fails to meet his online date due to her family’s objections. Feeling desperate and knowing his death is imminent, Chun-Guil confesses to the priest that he wants to feel a sexual pleasure in his life time. As the priest contemplates Chun-Guil’s confession, Ye-Ri, a young film student, comes to the light. Ye-Ri, who’ve made a short film about red light district prostitutes, wants to create a film about “sex volunteering” based on her own story…

   Sex Volunteer
Drama / Reality
   Kyeong-Duk Cho 
   Kyeong-Jin Kim 
   Kyeong-Duk Cho 
   Cheol-Soo Yeo 
   Dolby Digital
Anteprima Mondiale

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Director Kyeong-Duk Cho was born in Seoul in 1974. After graduating at Han-Yang University, he majored in Theatre & Film. He began his artistic career in 1997 with “Rabbit & Tortoise”, a 16 mm short film he wrote, directed, produced and edited. In the same year he played a part in a staging of the famous comedy “Barefoot in The Park” by Neil Simon. His activity in theatre continued: in 1999 he was the director and adapter of the tragicomedy “Crimes Of the Heart” by Beth Henley and in 2000, the playwright of “Dream Of Tiger”. “The Wedding Day” (2003), which is his first short film in 35mm , gained him the Grand Prize at the 4th Korea Visual Arts Festival . As for the other short film, in this work Kyeong-Duk tried his hand in each different role of the film production. From 2005 he turned his attention on feature film and wrote the screenplay of “Suspicions in The Military”, which won the Best Feature Film Award in four festival around the world. Finally in 2009 he shot in HD the feature film “Sex Volunteer”, of which he was also the screenwriter and the producer. Director of Editing Kyeong-Jin Kimwas born in 1967 in Korea. After graduating in Film Editing from Korea National University of Arts, he began his successful career in the field. In 2009 he edited Infinitely yours, SEOUL, a TV commercial commissioned from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and broadcasted by CNN. The video gained Silver Award at the The Asia Film, Video And Digital Media Award 2009 in Phoenix. The same year Kim made the editing of the documentary, Hip Korea : Seoul Vibes – Rain, which won Highly Commended Award at the Asian Television Awards in Singapore and was broadcasted by Discovery Channel. In 2010 he was the editor of Hip Korea : Seoul Spirit – Kim Yuna, the second program of the Hip Korea series patronized by Seoul Metropolitan Government and broadcasted worldwide by Discovery Channel Asia. And at the São Paulo International Film Festival 2009, 2 awards (Humanitarian Award and International Jury Award)went to the feature film Sex Volunteer, in which he played the editor. His most recent work is the editing of 35 mm feature film Secret Love (2010) by Hoon-i Ryu.

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