8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Linoleum / Marcel Visbeen / Anke Engels, Martijn Nieuwerf, Ricky Koole, Romijn Conen Linoleum Anke Engels, Martijn Nieuwerf, Ricky Koole, Romijn Conen

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Marcel Visbeen / Netherlands / 2010/ 77 min
Anke Engels, Martijn Nieuwerf, Ricky Koole, Romijn Conen 

After their father died, two brothers and their wives are forced to spend a few days together in the now empty parental house. They have to make funeral arrangements and divide the estate. It soon becomes apparent that the brothers have been avoiding each other for years. And not without reason. Father’s death becomes a catalyst for many old grievances to surface and honesty doesn't turn out to be a virtue. Sometimes it is better to keep secrets and feelings to oneself. Especially when dealing with issues like love and guilt.

Drama / Family
   Anke Boerstra, Marcel Visbeen 
   Marcel Visbeen 
   Marcel Visbeen 
   Mick van Rossum 
   Dolby Digital
Anteprima Italiana

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Leading Actress Anke Engels(1974) was born in the south of The Netherlands and graduated from the Utrecht Drama School in 1998. After her graduation she build a diverse acting career, playing lead roles for established Dutch theatre companies like RO Theater, Het Toneel Speelt and Het Laagland, with whom she toured Europe and ended up on Broadway. She was a main character in popular Dutch drama series like Ernstige Delicten, Voetbalvrouwen and Spangas. Her film career spans from the successful short Profs to features like Kicks and box office hit De Gelukkige Huisvrouw. She was involved with the feature Linoleum from the very beginning, contributing to the project from the development fase on.

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