8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - La Maquina de Pintar Nubes / Aitor Mazo, Patxo Telleria / Bingen Elortza, Gracia Olayo, Lander Otaola, Montse Mostaza, Santi Ugalde La Maquina de Pintar Nubes Bingen Elortza, Gracia Olayo, Lander Otaola, Montse Mostaza, Santi Ugalde

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Aitor Mazo, Patxo Telleria / Spain / 2010/ 102 min
Bingen Elortza, Gracia Olayo, Lander Otaola, Montse Mostaza, Santi Ugalde 

During the summer of 1974, Asier, a young man, embarks on a voyage of self-discovery among the rusty desolation of an industrial neighborhood of Bilbao. Despite being color-blind, he is determined to paint a portrait of the girl he is in love with. He doesn’t want to ask his father Andrés, a well-known amateur painter, for help and turns to Mateo, his brother, who agrees to teach him in exchange for money. But Asier’s psychological block is too strong, and Mateo does not manage to break it. One day the family receives the news that Mateo has died in an accident. It becomes the touchstone that Asier needed to end his mental block. Asier finally manages to finish the portrait of his loved one. He feels that is a lost cause, but he does not care. He has won something much more important in the process.

   La Maquina de Pintar Nubes
Reality / Drama
   Aitor Mazo, Patxo Telleria 
   Haritz Zubillaga 
   Alberto Gerrikabeitia, Melchor Miralles 
   Gaizka Bourgeaud 
   Dolby Digital
Anteprima Italiana

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Screenwriters Aitor Mazo has worked in theatre since 1984 as an actor and director. In 1987, he started acting also in films (Vacas, Maité, Airbag or La comunidad), and TV seriess such as Bi eta bat, Médico de familia, Compañeros, El comisario, Hospital central or Cuéntame cómo pasó. Patxo Telleria, on top of acting in theatre and television, is the author of scripts for television series like Mi querido Klikowski, Martin, Goenkale, Ertzainak or Jaun da jabe, in addition to having adapted and written numerous plays and shot documentary films. For cinema he directed “27 horas” (1986) , “A los cuatro vientos” (1987), “Capítulo 533” (1997) and finally “La máquina de pintar nubes” (2009). Leading Actor Bingen Elorza is a very talented young actor and he was born only in 1993, who is now at the beginning of his surely successful career. At his young age he has already played for television, advertisement and cinema. In 2008 he took part in the Campaña Alcohol Gobierno Vasco ( the Basque Government Campaign against Alcohol Abuse) , while for TV he was in the cast of Goenkale, a Spanish soap opera in Basque language, produced by Pausoka Entertainment and ETB. In 2008 in “La maquina de pintar nubes” by Patxo Telleria and Aitor Mazo he acted the leading role in his first feature film, and surely it’ll be only the first of a series! Director of Photography Gaizka Bourgeaud is an editor and a cinematographer. In 1995 he graduated in Direction of Photography from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He worked as cinematographer on short and feature films. In 2000 he won Best Photography Award twice: for the short film Torre at L’Alfas del Pí Film Festival and “El trabajo”, another short film, at Girona Film Festival. From 2003 to nowadays he turned to feature film and worked with different production companies and often in international contexts. He was the D.O.P. for “Ouija” by J.P. Ortega (Eleven Dreams Prods , 2003), “La buena voz” (Abra prod. 2005)and the international production “El lunar” (Spain-Portugal 2006). Later he played the role for “La máquina de pintar nubes” by Aitor Mazo & Patxo tellería, and “Querida Bamako” by Charly Llorente & Omer Oké, both of them produced by Abra Prod. Finally he worked with Miguel A. C. Buttini for the film“Mami blue” and in 2010 with Aberto Gorritiberea for his “Arriya”.

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