8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Europolis / Cornel Gheorghita / Adriana Trandafir, Aron Dimeny Europolis Adriana Trandafir, Aron Dimeny

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Cornel Gheorghita / Romania / 2010/ 102 min
Adriana Trandafir, Aron Dimeny 

Nae lives in a small village in East Rumania. A telegram arrives telling him that his long lost uncle Luca has died. The wire was sent by Luca's executer asking Nae and his mother to go to France to make arrangements. One of the deceased’s last wishes was to be buried in the cemetery of his home town in Sulina, Rumania, located on the coast of the Black Sea, on the other side of the continent. When the two Rumanians get to the deceased’s house on the Atlantic coast, they meet a shaman, Ata, who was Luca’s best friend. Ata tells them that Luca’s fortune was lost and the only thing left is an unusual coffin. Luca’s soul takes advantage of their return trip to Rumania, unbeknownst to them. The Rumanian tradition requires the soul to retrace its life’s steps during the forty days of mourning. Luca’s soul chooses to inhabit Nae in order to return to its last resting place. The procession of these “three” Rumanians is guided by their Guardian Angel through the Celestial Customs which lead to the Final Judgement.

Fantasy / Drama
   Cornel Gheorghita, Loïc Balarac 
   Nathalie Mougenot 
   Cornel Gheorghita 
   Ovidiu Marginean 
   Dolby Digital
Anteprima Europea

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Director of Photography Ovidiu Marginean Director of photography from Romany, he was born in 1973 in Reghin,Transilvania and graduated at National Film University in Bucharest in 2002. He started his career in cinema as cameraman in features of Rumen directors (as Mircea Daneliuc and Calin Peter Netzer) and as director of photography of international productions set in Romany with stars as Bob Hoskins, Olivier Martinez, Dominic Purcell and Seven Seagal for Castel Film and Mediapro Pictures. Meanwhile, he was in charge of photography for documentaries and Romanian Tv series as "Lombarzilor 8", produced by Mandragora Movies. Moreover, he interpreted the same role in "Our School", a documentary selected for 2011 Sundance, "Europolis" is his first feature as photography's director, and it has been shot in manifold locations in France, Italy, Sloveny, Ungheria and Romany.

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