8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Eagles in the Chicken Coop / Brent Florence / Alex Holdridge, Bruce Abbott, Cameron Bender, Camille Chen, Chloe Snyder Eagles in the Chicken Coop Alex Holdridge, Bruce Abbott, Cameron Bender, Camille Chen, Chloe Snyder

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Brent Florence / USA / 2010/ 97 min
Alex Holdridge, Bruce Abbott, Cameron Bender, Camille Chen, Chloe Snyder 

A team of Investigative Documentarians sets out to follow the making of late night, made-for-television Mature movies, to take a look inside mainstream Hollywood film practices and sensibilities at their lowest. Along the way they meet Armondo Jones and Bill Williams, two artists and life-long best friends who have been hired to write, direct and co-produce their first ever feature film: “The Lone Rancher”, a soft-core epic, to be distributed on cable television. The documentarists follow them and their crew, as they struggle against the system to maintain their vision of their film and to protect the important love story they believe the movie can provide. It’s art versus commerce. Sex versus love. It’s a battle Armondo and Bill believe is vital, where all good things are at stake, not only for themselves as artists, but for any person throughout the world, including you, who may someday see “The Lone Rancher”.

   Eagles in the Chicken Coop
   Brent Florence, Kenny Luper 
   Brent Florence 
   James Bass, Bryan Laszio Bihari 
   Matt Davis, Rob Hauer 
   Dolby Digital
   Miglior Sceneggiatura/ Best Screenwriting
Anteprima Mondiale

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Screenwriters Brent Florence was born in Ojai, California, June 16, 1976. Brent, as a former semi-professional surfer, in 1996 co-produced and directed his first movie, “One Track Mind”, a nonfiction surf film which was sold and distributed throughout the world. Directly following, Brent began studying Film at USC (University of Southern California). He was involved in the production of over thirty films before receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinema/Television in 1998. Within a year, Brent teamed up with Lloyd A. Silverman (“Snow Falling on Cedars”) to produce “The Solid Ones” which Brent wrote, directed, and starred in. The film received audience awards and acclaim at each of the festivals it screened at across the United States, and was then ultimately distributed by New Horizons and was re-titled A Girl, Three Guys And A Gun. Brent is currently writing multiple feature screenplays and has completed the feature film, Eagles In The Chicken Coop, which he has co-written, directed and co-produced. The film stars Oscar Nominated, Kathleen Quinlan in 1996. Kenny Luperis a filmmaker from Ventura, CA. Born and raised in a cross-cultural family, he was inspired by the ethnic variety and the universal “language” that surrounded him to become a filmmaker. He first began to develop his craft as a storyteller in middle and high school, where he wrote, directed and performed comedy routines, competed in and won speech contests, and was the play-by-play sports announcer. He went on to study film at New York University, where he was also active in theater, wrote and performed stand-up and sketch comedy. He also worked in radio doing voice-overs. Most recently Kenny wrote and acted in the comedic satire Eagles in the Chicken Coop. He is currently producing the documentary Project Understanding and developing an original sitcom. Kenny also operates a filmmaking & acting camp over the summer for people of all ages. His program has helped thousands of artists discover and develop their talent.

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