8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Amore Liquido / Marco Luca Cattaneo / Sara Sartini, Simonetta Solder, Stefano Fregni Amore Liquido Sara Sartini, Simonetta Solder, Stefano Fregni

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10a Edizione - 2010 / Lungometraggi
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Marco Luca Cattaneo / Italy / 2010/ 100 min
Sara Sartini, Simonetta Solder, Stefano Fregni 

Mario is a 40-year-old street sweeper from Bologna who is addicted to pornography. During the month of August Mario remains in the city despite it becoming essentially a ghost town as the population leaves for the summer holidays. He lives in the city centre, the ‘old town’, with his elderly mother. She has been confined to a wheelchair after suffering a stroke, and requires the constant care of Olga, a 50-year-old polish carer home who looks after her while Mario is at work. It is during this period that Mario encounters Agatha, a young single mother, a meeting as random as it is unexpected. Mario’s life until now has been monotonous and lonely, but this is about to change. As Agata bursts into his life like a hurricane, Mario will have to come to terms with long-dormant feelings and emotions.

   Amore Liquido
   Marco Luca Cattaneo 
   Maria Cristina Sansone 
   Marco Luca Cattaneo 
   Antonio Veracini 
   Dolby Digital
   Miglior Recitazione Maschile / Best Acting Performance Male
Anteprima Mondiale

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Leading Actor Stefani Fregni was Born in Bologna, but he grew up in Falcade, a small village in the Dolomites of Belluno. Since childhood, he had a great passion for acting, but only around twenty years old, in parallel with his university studies, he started to attend acting courses and had his first professional experience in theater and cinema. Shortly before his thirties he decided to dedicate his life to this artistic and professional journey, and moved to Rome. He participated in several film and television productions and acted under the direction of great directors such as Dario Argento, James Campiotti, Michele Placido and played opposing actors of the likes of Jordi Molla, Moritz Bleibtreu, Blacks Marcorč, Gigi Proietti, Kim Rossi Stuart, Alessio Boni and Luca Barbareschi. His first leading role in the feature film Amore Liquido was the result of a collaboration with the director Marco Luca Cattaneo: it is a challenge that saw Stefano in the middle of a contemporary fresco of powerful contents, but outlined with delicacy.

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