8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8į Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Fanatic / Paul Robinson / Fanatic

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9a Edizione - 2009 / Cortometraggi
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Paul Robinson / Spain / 2009/ 24 min

Daniel is a dwarf bicycle courier living and working in Barcelona. One quite normal hot sunny day, a chance meeting and a single act of kindness, help Daniel take stock of everyday preconceptions.

   Dolby Digital
   Miglior Cortometraggio

Paul has been a professional photographer for the last 15 years working for interior, fashion and advertising clients both nationally and internationally. Following the publication of Untitled One in 2005, a collection of images shot on location in California, Paul enrolled at The London Film School, on the MA Filmmaking program. Paul graduated as a cinematographer two years later on 4 KILOMETRES, a 35mm short shot on location in an unrecognised Bedouin village, in the southern Israeli dessert, which has screened at various prestigious festivals worldwide. FANATIC is Paulís directorial debut, for which he also wrote and co-produced, as well as taking up the role of Director of Photography. Paulís attention is now split between photography, with stills projects completed in Buenos Aires and Cape Town, and continuing to collaborate and develop future short and feature projects, both as a cinematographer and producer.

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