8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Playground / Libby Spears / Playground

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9a Edizione - 2009 /
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Libby Spears / USA / 2009/ 87 min

The number one destination for Americans to have sex with a child? U.S.A. PLAYGROUND examines our legal and social systems, and their ineffectiveness at dealing with this problem. Neither dogmatic nor sensationalist, PLAYGROUND offers no clear-cut answers, but compels us to begin asking questions: Why do we treat children as victims in cases of sexual abuse, but as soon as money is exchanged, these sexually abused children are deemed criminals? From filmmaker Libby Spears and Producers George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Steven Soderbergh, comes a beautifully-wrought, astonishing portrait of our country’s most alarming and insidious secret: the child sex trafficking in America.

   Libby Spears 
   Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney 
   Libby Spears 
   Dolby Digital

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Libby Spears is an activist and filmmaker. She conceived of the idea for PLAYGROUND in 2001 while producing a film in the Philippines and Central America about women\'s sexual self-image. While documenting the stories of trafficked children for PLAYGROUND, Libby founded the Nest Foundation in 2004 to create a platform for local & global awareness. The short film entitled FOREPLAY on the band Medeski, Martin &Wood was premiered at the Bumpershoot Festival in Seattle. She produced the film RULES OF LOVE (directed by Bruno Coppola, starring Judi Greer) and Christopher Walken’s directorial debut, POPCORN SHRIMP, for Showtime Television. As Director of Development for various New York independent production companies, she was involved with SHOOTING VEGETARIANS (starring Elodie Bouchez), DEAR JESSE (Emmy Award Nominee), SPRING FORWARD (starring Live Schreiber, Ned Beatty), and PAGANS (directed by Jamie Yerkes).

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