8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Modena Modena / Daniele Malavolta / Modena Modena

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5a Edizione - 2005 / Cortometraggi
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Daniele Malavolta / Italy / 2004

Fabrizio earns his living as a mechanic and spends his time between five-a-side football, hallucinatory drugs and alcohol. After having seen his ex-girlfriend with a fop and a huge dose of drugs, he dreams of Giulia who tells him to be the Death.(what does this mean?) Meanwhile he inherits a Ferrari out of use and he is called-up.(called up to do what?) He then starts to hang around by hitch-hiking and meets a girl who looks like Giulia and makes a Faustinian pact with her. He finds himself signed-up by chance and once he has gone back to Modena, he gets his Ferrari repaired thanks to illegal traffic revenues and wins back his ex-girlfriend. But now that all seems to be well, Giulia is ready to claim her part of the bargain... this synopsis is very confusing.

Action / Action
   Daniele Malavolta 
   Super16 / 16mm
   Dolby Digital

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Born in Modena, Daniela Malavolta graduated from DAMS in Bologna in 2000 with a dissertation about John Woo. He attended the screenplay seminar by Dr. Giovanni Robbiano at the CIMES of Bologna, the course RAI SCRIPT 2000/2001 for screenwriters and the Mediterranean Film Institute Workshop 2002/2003. In 2000 he was awarded the Premio Bologna for short film-screenplays \"Storie di fine millennio\" with the script IL CANE. He also obtained the special mention for the Premio Solinas for the script MODENA MODENA, STAZIONE DI MODENA, PER CARPI, SUZZARA, MANTOVA SI CAMBIA.

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