8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Peter and Vandy / Jay DiPietro / Jess Weixler, Jason Ritter, Tracie Thoms, Bruce Altman Peter and Vandy Jess Weixler, Jason Ritter, Tracie Thoms, Bruce Altman

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9a Edizione - 2009 / Lungometraggi
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Jay DiPietro / USA / 2009/ 85 min
Jess Weixler, Jason Ritter, Tracie Thoms, Bruce Altman 

Peter and Vandy is a love story told out of order. Set in Manhattan, the story shifts back and forth in time, juxtaposing Peter and Vandy’s romantic beginnings with the twisted, manipulative, regular couple they become. As we jump between past and present, the film explores the question most couples ask themselves... ‘How the hell did we get this way?’ The answer is found in the little moments. The way Peter and Vandy bicker while trying to order takeout reveals more about them than couples therapy ever could. Through these small iconic moments, we see just who they are. And it’s familiar. These small moments begin to connect, revealing a bigger picture… and bigger questions. What brought them together? What made them change? What is it that keeps them together? Imagine if you could go back and watch yourself falling in love with your husband or wife. Imagine if you could hear exactly what you were saying. Chances are it would be a lot different than you remember – and a lot more revealing. With Peter and Vandy, by first seeing their future can we truly understand their past.

   Peter and Vandy
   Geoffrey Richman 
   Peter Sterling 
   Frank DeMarco 
   Dolby Digital

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Jay DiPietro is a New York City playwrighter and a filmmaker: PETER AND VANDY is his directorial debut. He adapted the screenplay from his acclaimed play of the same title, which enjoyed sold out houses during its four month run in downtown New York in 2002 and received a Drama Desk nomination for Best Play. Jay has numerous projects in development for the screen and stage. He also enjoys directing music videos. Jay lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters.

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