8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Badland / Francesco Lucente / Jamie Draven, Grace Fulton, Vanessa Shaw, Joe Morton, Chandra West Badland Jamie Draven, Grace Fulton, Vanessa Shaw, Joe Morton, Chandra West

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9a Edizione - 2009 / Lungometraggi
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Francesco Lucente / USA / 2009/ 160' min
Jamie Draven, Grace Fulton, Vanessa Shaw, Joe Morton, Chandra West 

Jerry is a Marine reservist, embittered by a life besieged by broken promises and unfulfilled desires. He is deployed to Iraq and returns a man transformed by horrors committed that go beyond comprehension. He lives a life verging on the edge of poverty, sharing a crowded trailer with his family. His children are afraid of his unexplained outbursts of rage, his wife, Nora, unsympathetic to his mental anguish and suffering, hides money her sons earn from their paper route in case they need to leave. Jerry discovers Nora's betrayal and desperately committs a heinous and irreversible crime. BADLAND is the gut-wrenching examination of the collateral damage of war; how a man who loses his soul finds redemption through a daughter’s faith and sacrifice.

   Francesco Lucente 
   Francesco Lucente 
   Jorg G. Neumann 
   Carlo Varini 
   Dolby Digital
   Miglior recitazione maschile

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FRANCESCO LUCENTE's writing and directorial debut was the short film THIS OLD MAN. Two other short films followed: CLOAK AND DAGGER and PAINT IT BLACK. FRANCESCO co-wrote the screenplay and directed his first motion picture, the teenage comedy, THE VIRGIN QUEEN OF ST. FRANCIS HIGH released worldwide in 1987. The film starred: Joseph R. Straface (SUPERMAN III), Stacy Christensen (STORM), and J.T. Wotton (SUPERMAN III). FRANCESCO then directed his second motion picture, the drama, THE INNER VOICE, in 1992. It premiered at the HENRI LANGLOIS FILM AND TELEVISION FESTIVAL in TOURS, FRANCE. BADLAND marks FRANCESCO'S third motion picture and his most personal.

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