8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8░ Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Mala Leche / Le˛n ErrÓzuriz / Juan Pablo Ogalde, Mauricio Diocares, Adela Secall, Luis Dubo Mala Leche Juan Pablo Ogalde, Mauricio Diocares, Adela Secall, Luis Dubo

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5a Edizione - 2005 / Fuori Concorso
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Le˛n ErrÓzuriz / Mexico / 2005
Juan Pablo Ogalde, Mauricio Diocares, Adela Secall, Luis Dubo 

A crude, brutal story with a sweeping and captivating vitality that takes place in contemporary Santiago de Chile. The film shows, with surprising realism, the calamity of delinquency and drugs. It tells the e tale of two marginal youths who are friends that fail miserably on their first drug transaction. Risking their lives, they embark on an uncontrolled crime spree in order to repay the money within two days.

   Mala Leche
Drama / Action
   Matias Ovalle, Le˛n ErrÓzuriz 
   Le˛n ErrÓzuriz 
   Matias Ovalle, Le˛n ErrÓzuriz 
   Andres Garces 
   Federico Jaeger 
   Constanza Mesa 
   Miguel Miranda, Jose Miguel Tobar 
MakeUp    Carolina Espina 
   Dolby Digital

Born in Chile in 1968. Leon studied Film in Mexico at the Centro Universitario de Estudios CinematogrÓficos. Between 1994 and 1996 he wrote, directed and edited a number of short films in Mexico, outstanding among which are El bosque and Mexico Connections. In 1997, he created Cine FX, a production company dedicated both to advertising and to film projects. Up to now He has directed over 100 spots for television, music videos and documentaries. Mala leche is his first feature film.

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