8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - View from the bridge: stories from Kosovo / John Ealer, Laura Bialis / View from the bridge: stories from Kosovo

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8a Edizione - 2008 /
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John Ealer, Laura Bialis / USA / 2007/ 103 min

Post-war Kosovo. The bridge in the town of Mitrovica has become a flashpoint in the continuing conflict between Muslims, Christians and Roma (Gypsies). Through first-person accounts the film juxtaposes the scars and the tears, the nightmares and dreams of Kosovars. It portrays a society trying to build a future while inextricably bound to the past. It shows, that the ultimate responsibility for peace lies within us all.

   View from the bridge: stories from Kosovo
   John Ealer, Laura Bialis 
   William Haugse A.C.E. 
   John Ealer, Laura Bialis 
   Sarah Levy 
   Joe Milner, Miriam Cutler 
   DV / Beta / Digitale
   Dolby Digital

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John is a Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer for commercials, features and tv shows and documentaries. Laura fuses her love for history and filmmaking in her documentaries, ranging from human rights and poverty to wartime memories.

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