8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Nel ventre di Parigi / Angelo Rizzo / Nel ventre di Parigi

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8a Edizione - 2008 /

Angelo Rizzo / France / 2006/ 60 min

The film brings to light the secret and illegal world of Katas, tunnels and passages dug into the ground down to 45 metres. They were used as a shelter during the French Resistance or for protests during May 1968. Now they are home to hundreds of nonconforming artists believing to find their source of inspiration and life in the darkness and silence of these underground passages.

   Nel ventre di Parigi
   Laura Costa, Angelo Rizzo 
   Angelo Rizzo 
   Mesaverde Production 
   Angelo Rizzo 
   Aco Bocina 
   DV / Beta / Digitale

Born near Catania in 1959, during his career he shot commercials, clip films, fashion shows and feature length film for the cinema industry and more than 100 documentaries and reportages all around the world, broadcast by the main Italian and foreign tv networks.

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