8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Dalla testa ai piedi / Simone Cangelosi / Dalla testa ai piedi

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8a Edizione - 2008 /
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Simone Cangelosi / Italy / 2007/ 28 min

Dalla testa ai piedi (“From Tip to Toe”) testifies the transition of a woman into a man which the director himself has experienced between the end of the 90s and 2005. Simone Cangelosi has started to work on this documentary in 1998 as a sort of visual diary of his transition recording the images of his physical and psychological changes.

   Dalla testa ai piedi
   Simone Cangelosi, Silvia Silverio, Roberto Nisi 
   Lucrezia Argentiero 
   Simone Cangelosi - M.I.T. (Movimento Identità Transessuale) 
   Matteo Cucini 
   DV / Beta / Digitale

foto bio

Simone Cangelosi was born in 1968 in Pisa. He earned a degree in film studies at the D.A.M.S. in Bologna where he lives today working in the field of film restoration. “Dalla testa ai piedi” is his first documentary.

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