8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - The mud boy / Jorge Algora / Maribel verdů, Juan Ciancio, Chete Lera, Daniel Freire The mud boy Maribel verdů, Juan Ciancio, Chete Lera, Daniel Freire

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8a Edizione - 2008 / Lungometraggi
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Jorge Algora / Spain / 2007/ 103 min
Maribel verdů, Juan Ciancio, Chete Lera, Daniel Freire 

Based on a true story. Buenos Aires, 1912. Brutal murders in town. Mateo a boy of ten, hides a secret: in some dark place of his memory he becomes the eyewitness of those murders. By revealing his secret, many people think he is the murderer. Estela, his mother, helped by a forensic policeman, Dr. Soria, seeks for a rational explanation of his visions and undermines the scepticism of Petrie, the police inspector. However, murders continue... And chaos takes hold of the situation.

   El nino de barro
   Jorge Algora, Hector Carré, Christian Busquier 
   Rita Romero 
   Susana Maceiras 
   Suso Bello 
   Eduard Valtés, Juan Lovece 
   Maria Ripodas 
   Nani Garcia 
MakeUp    Beata Wostowicz 

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Born in Madrid in 1963, he begun to work in media during the eighties in Madrid but later he moved to Galicia where he produced the majority of his works. He worked as director and tv producer of documentaries, tv movies and publicity. He´s one of the partners of Adivina (production company), vice-president of AEGA (Galician producer companies association) and member of CREA (Galician directors and tv producers association). In 2007 he made his first feature film “The mud boy”, a co-production between Spain and Argentina.

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