8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Faces of hope / Mitch Gavin and Ricardo Aguilar / Ricardo Aguilar Faces of hope Ricardo Aguilar

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7a Edizione - 2007 /
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San Carlosabato 24 marzoore 22.15
Centraledomenica 25 marzoore 18.00

Mitch Gavin and Ricardo Aguilar / USA / 2006/ 6 min
Ricardo Aguilar 

“Art should be distributed like music”, that is Ricardo Aguilar\\\\\\\'s dream. He promotes creativity throughout the city, with over 5000 people who have already colored his Faces“..be part of the art revolution”... the artist said.

   Faces of hope
   Mitch Gavin and Ricardo Aguilar 
   Mitch Gavin and Ricardo Aguilar 
   Mitch Gavin 
   various artists 
   DV / Beta / Digitale
   Dolby Digital

Gavin grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated from Boston University. He formed Hurricane Mitch Productions which has several inspiring projects in development. He is also making Podcasts for the Nickelodeon Network.

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