8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8° Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Lost / Darren Lemke / Dean Cain, Danny Trejo, Irina Bjorkland, Justin Henry Lost Dean Cain, Danny Trejo, Irina Bjorkland, Justin Henry

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6a Edizione - 2006 / Lungometraggi
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Darren Lemke / USA / 2004/ 90 min
Dean Cain, Danny Trejo, Irina Bjorkland, Justin Henry 

LOST is a pulse-pounding suspense thriller about Jeremy Stanton (Dean Cain) who is stuck at a crossroad, caught in the crosshairs and way beyond the point of no return. Cain "carries the film with ease" (Los Angeles Times) as a stereotypical yuppie whose situation turns out to be anything but typical when a seemingly routine road trip develops into an increasingly desperate game of cat and mouse. Trapped in a maze of endless desert highways and pursued by an unseen menace, Stanton is about to take the longest - and perhaps last - ride of his life!

   Darren Lemke 
   Bob Joyce 
   Kevin Matossian 
   Paul Enami 
   Shane Richardson 
   Russ Landau 
   Dolby Digital

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LOST is writer/director Darren Lemke’s feature film directorial debut. A Hollywood writer with distinctly un-Hollywood sensibilities, Lemke wanted his first film to be a striking story with a twist as well as something manageable for a first-time director. Writing screenplays since he was 13 years old, Lemke’s credits include: JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, TRIPODS and GEMINI. He’s worked for Dreamworks, MGM, Sony, Disney, New Line, Fox TV and ABC.

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