8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Massimiliano Battistella
Country: Italy
Producer: Massimiliano Battistella
Cast: Chiara De Santi, Francesco Coletti

A bench, a skyscraper, a book, a woman... Behind the scenes of an absurd and paradoxical scenography an unusual, comical, perpetually outlandish courtship hits the stage: city hobos try to seduce a romantic female creature...The inexorable cycle of events seems never to cease...

Massimiliano Battistella
Born in Rome in 1985 and a graduate in literary criticism, he has been working as direction and casting assistant for many years. His passion for cinema started at school. He shot his first short-film when he was 16 and his works have been selected in many international film festivals such as the Turin Film Fest. His filmography includes The Bench, a short film, shot in 2010/2011; Billo, tra sogno e realtÓ (2011, not yet released), a documentary film, N9ve (2006), a short which was shown at Roma-il corto.it, Fano-Fiff, Canzo-videofestival and SFF. To continue with Hasard (2005), a medium-length film broadcasted by SKY Cinema lab and selected for Valdarno FF and Fano FF. Anguillara con vista (2005), a documentary film which won Best movie at AFF. In 2004 he shot Croce Rossa Italiana, a videoclip, and Sospesa, a music video. Come un violino senza corde, his first short film was shown in 2003 at Torino Film Fest, and Fano FF.
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