8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Marco Toscani
Country: Italy
Production: Marco Toscani
Cast: Iole Morresi, Alessandra Zoppi, Angelo Conte, Chiara Lippi, Elide Lodi, Gianpiero Aceto, Mario Peretti

Lina. an old woman, hears on the radio new about swindles to old people. After a few minutes two false gasmen ring her doorbell.Then, after a while, she realizes she's being deceived. When the situation starts getting out of hand the police arrive. They have been called by a neighbor. From her, the police learn that the...

Marco Toscani
Marco Toscani was born in 1966 and since 1976 has been living in Piacenza. He showed some interest in cinema as a little boy, however he “wasted his time banally dedicating himself to other things”. It was in 2006 when he eventually decided to open his secret box in which he kept hidden his inner desire to become a filmmaker. To make up for lost time, Toscani enrolled himself for various filmmaking courses in Milan. His adventure as a director started with a series of films regarding social subjects. It is not by chance that many of his works represent the so called “social advertisement” stream and have been made for public bodies and private corporations occupied with social issues. Didactic short fiction films for the Bocconi University as assistant director and a documentary film on palliative care for the University of Parma are among his most recent relevant works. His latest short film I soliti noti is the first work in which he has been supported by professionals.

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