8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Claudio Colombo
Producer: Claudio Colombo
Country: Italy Cast: Claudio Colombo, Cristina Vivaldi, Enrico Beruschi, Yang Min, Agostino De Berti

A journalist is interviewing a top table tennis coach. When asked which of the champions he has trained he remembers with the most pleasure, the coach reveals his affection for Matteo, a pupil he never managed to make a champion out of. Then he describes one of Matteo’s matches against a Chinese champion. The Chinese player is clearly on top in the early stages, but when all seems lost Matteo tries a desperate comeback and, incredibly, gains the advantage, one point away from victory…

Claudio Colombo
Claudio Colombo is an actor, presenter and dubber. Together with Aldo Reggiani he played in Shakespeare’s Measure for measure directed by Jonathan Miller (1990) and in Luigi Pirandello’s Fuori di Chiave alongside Ciccio Ingrassia (1991). He appeared in numerous TV serials such as Vita con i figli opposing Giancarlo Giannini and Diciott’anni with Margherita Buy. In late 1980s Colombo performed sketches with Enrico Beruschi and Ezio Greggio in the TV production Drive In and later he used to be one of the fixed appereances in Quelli che… il calcio – very popular TV programme with Gene Gnocchi broadcasted by RAI 2 TV. Colombo also has over 10 years experience in dubbing (ADC Group member). He has been lending his voice to many film characters. Among the films dubbed by Colombo are feature films (Election with Tony Leung and Midaq Alley with Salma Hayek), TV series (The Cape, Ally McBeal) and numerous cartoons. The short film Shot – L’ultimo punto is his debut as a film director.
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