8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Michele Mortara
Producer: Luca Callori di Vignale
Country: Italy Cast: Alessandro Demcenko, Ivano Marescotti, Alessia Melfi, Alessia Olivetti, Gabriele Dovadoli, Giancarlo Longo, Laura Sottili, Maria Francesca Giordano, Romano Treré

An Airport like many others, check in area. Alex is waiting for his turn but at the moment he is showing his documents, the airplane seems to be full. Overbooking is the correct name in this case where the number of persons are more than the actual seats at disposal. This happens sometimes, unfortunately. This time anyway something seems to be particularly difficult. Not even the arrival of the director of the airport will change the situation, no solution of help for Alex. He has to stay on earth. Overbooking is a story about a very particular journey, a distant and ironic observing point of view of one of the most discussed and animated questions of our contemporary lifetime.

Michele Mortara
Michele Mortara was born in 1971. He graduated with a degree in graphic design and adveritising from the Naba School of Milan. He worked in the tv department of Pirella Gottsche Lowe advertising agency. Since 1996 Michele worked at Filmaster, the largest production company in Italy. He first worked as an assistant producer and then he became a Post-production Producer. Then he started his career as Film-Editor and Post production Supervisor. During 8 years in this role, he edited hundreds of TV Commercials. In 2004 Michel shot his first commercial as director.
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