8-18 maggio 2013
MIFF | 8 Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Live in maid / Jorge Gagger / Live in maid

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5a Edizione - 2005 / Lungometraggi
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Jorge Gagger / Argentina / 2004

Two wonderful actresses and a smart writer/director who combines them to portray the current economic and social argentinian crisis. Jorge Gaggero spins the bittersweet tale of Beba, a spoiled socialite whose businness failings and personal crisis have worn her down. Beba's weightly gold earrings and her live-in maid Dora are the last bastions of a faded lifestyle. After six months with no pay, Dora finally decides to resign to get on with the life she never really had. The tone is intimate and charming. It is fun to watch Gaggero's characters in their well-reharsed roles as servant and master. The interpretations of these women who cling to each other as if to resuscitate an era in decline, are flawless. But each know their place, and both are careful not to shatter their fragile illusions. Because if that happened, they might come to realize that they are all they have and need to be happy.

   Live in maid
   Jorge Gagger 
   Dolby Digital

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Jorge Gagger obtained his degree in film studies from the Centro de Experimentacion y realizacion cinematografica in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1997 he attended the directing program at the American Film Institute. He wrote and directed the short films El tunel de la lluvia (The tunnel of Rain), The Secret Sea, and Un Pedazo de Tierra (A piece of Earth), which won an Emmy and a DGA award for the best short film and an award at the Bilbao International Film Festival. Live-in Maid marks his features film debut.

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