8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Vlady Oszkiel
Country: USA
Producer: Callie Humphrey, Vlady Oszkiel
Cast: Luke Couzens, Rosa SanMarchi

Victims of Gravity is a short piece that explores an almost-frozen moment where, between life and death, time stands still. In it, a downed motorcyclist, trapped by his bike and about to die, experiences a spiritual epiphany. His partner desperately reaches out for help but is forced to make the ultimate decision - die with or live without him.

Vlady Oszkiel
Born in Romania and raised in Germany, writer-director Vlady Valentin Oszkiel has lived in Chicago and Los Angeles for the past six years and has recently returned to Europe. Next to his award- winning short films and commercials, Vlady is also involved in creating documentaries and music videos. His latest short film Victims of Gravity has already played at several film festivals all over the world. With the gained experience abroad, Vlady is eager to meet producers and artists to collaborate with for his next projects. Currently, Vlady is preparing a music video shoot for the German band Itchy Poopzkid.

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