8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Lyndon Barrois
Country: USA
Production: Lyndon Barrois, Romell Foster-owens, Janine Sherman Barrois
Cast: JB Blanc, Meredith Monroe, Sam Scarber,Kaye Kittrell

'The Lift' is the dramatic story of Albert Brown, stuck on a stretch of Illinois highway in the summer of 1928, in need to get home to Chicago, when along comes Mary Lindsay, a free-spirited woman on a cross-country drive. She reluctantly grants him the favor of a ride, and they embark on a combative journey of discovery in an ever-changing world - a world he isn't ready to embrace. Only after a violent incident does Albert get the chance to return Mary's favor, and in his own special way reveal himself as America's most notorious gangster.

Lyndon Barrois
For a hobby that began with sculpting athletes from chewing gum wrappers, Lyndon Barrois has fashioned a career in the world of filmed entertainment as an animator and animation director for the last eighteen years. His film experience spans a variety of genres with live action and fully animated features, including "The Matrix" sequels, "Happy Feet", "Alvin and the Chipmunks", “The Tree of Life”, “Sucker Punch” and the recent prequel to "The Thing", which earned him a 2012 Visual Effects Society Award nomination for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature. Lyndon resides in Los Angeles, splitting time between there and Vancouver, BC on various film projects. "The Lift", a short film written by Lyndon, marks his live-action directing debut and is currently on the film festival circuit.
Nominees in this category:
Sam French
Michael Lavelle
Ewan Bailey
Brian Devine

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