8-18 maggio 2013

David Bravo
Born in 1971, David Bravo works in shortfilms, feature lengh fiction and documentaries, both for theatrical and television, specializing in digital formats. He had film studies in Chile, first in a Film School, then with the renowned Chilean cinematographer Hector Rios. Afterwards he went to Cuba to specialized in Cinematography in EICTV, Cuba. His first work experience was workinh side by side with Chilean filmmaker Silvio Caiozzi. His works as Cinematographer include: feature film "Coronación", directed by Silvio Caiozzi, "Casa de Remolienda", directed by Joaquín Eyzaguirre, "El Regalo" by Cristián Galaz, and recently "Sal" by the Argentinean director Diego Rougier. He has also vast experience in telefilms, which include "Héroes" , produced by Chanel 13, and directed by Ricardo Larraín and Cristián Galaz; "Algo habrán hecho", produced by TVN, and directed by Nicolás Acuña; and most recently "Diario de mi residencia en Chile: Maria Graham", produced by Suricato and Chilevision, and directected by Valeria Sarmiento. Among documentary films, he has worked as cinematographer "La ciudad de los fotógrafos" (The city of photographers), directed by Sebastián Moreno, "The power of speech", directed by Francisco Hervé, and "Hija" (daughter), directed by María Paz González. He’s currently working in "The city of Ceasars", by Francisco Hervé. He has received prize for Best Cinematography for Coronación in the Cartagena Film Fest (Colombia), and the Prize Pedro Sienna for Best Cinematography for "La Remolienda" (Prize from the Ministry of Culture). He has been recently been nominated again for Best Cinematography with "Hija" (daughter). From 2005 he created Blume Productions, company dedicated to Equipment Rental and postproduction services, as well as coproductions. He has also teached Cinematography at several universities: the Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Mayor, Universidad ARCIS and UNIACC.

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