8-18 maggio 2013

Directing: Kum-Kum Bhavnani
Editing: Ryan Pettey, Cristina Malavenda Production: Kum-Kum Bhavnani
Country: USA Runtime: 01 hr : 07 min : 00 sec World Premiere

Deep in the rain forests of Grenada, anarchist chocolate-maker, Mott Green operates an unusual chocolate factory that makes delicious creations unknown to a world saturated with industrially produced cocoa, much of it harvested by exploited child labour in West Africa. Mott utilizes solar power, employee shareholding and small-scale antique equipment to make delicious, organic, and socially conscious chocolate. Each step in the production process, from cocoa pod to candy bar, involves ethical and sustainable methods aimed at empowering the community of farmers involved. This is an intimate story of the relentless and headstrong Mott Green, founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company, as he pursues his unique vision to create the best chocolate in the world, ethically and taste-wise. Alongside Mott’s story we enter the busy life of Nelice Stewart, an independent cocoa farmer, not part of Mott’s co-operative. We experience how she harvests cocoa, meet three of her seven children and her new husband on her farm-land, and are present at the government bean market where she sells her cocoa. We watch in awe as she builds her own house and does her church-work, and better understand the intricate relationships between cocoa farmers, their produce, and their lives. Why is Nelice not part of the co-operative? NOTHING LIKE CHOCOLATE allows us to enter the world’s smallest chocolate factory, and we see how, by tackling the unsustainable and exploitative practices of the Goliaths of the industry, they are doing enormous things for cocoa communities, and the world’s sweet tooth.

Kum-Kum Bhavnani

Kum-Kum Bhavnani is university professor by day and film-maker by night. She has lived in California for the last two decades, via India and London. Her first documentary, "The Shape of Water" (2006: narrated by Susan Sarandon) screened around the world, including in Istanbul, Rome, Barcelona, London, Toronto, Trinidad, San Francisco, Washington DC, and at FESPACO and the 2008 Middle East International Film Festival. On its travels, "Shape" garnered a number of awards such as Best Documentary (Miami Women’s International Film Festival, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora and Queen’s International Film Festival), the World Cinema Award (DC Independent Film Festival), and Best Director (San Francisco Women’s Film Festival), as well as two HUGO awards. "The Shape of Water" was also selected as the centerpiece for the Human Rights section at the 2008 Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi. Kum-Kum’s hope is for her films to inspire a new generation of audiences, who are also passionate for change.
Nominee to 1 Award: Best Documentary

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