8-18 maggio 2013


Director: Pluton Vasi
Screenwriter: Luljeta Lleshanaku, Pluton Vasi Cinematographer: Ram Shani
Editor: Hajg Chaharian Producer: Vjollca Dedei, Ferdinand Sula, Lorina Pepo, Marjela Zajmi, Driton Sahiti
Country: Albania Runtime: 01 hr : 37 min : 38 sec World Premiere

Alert Celoaliaj, Genti Kame, Muzafer Zifla, Rovena Lule Kuka

“Maya”, an inspiring story of passion, of ordinary yet extraordinary people, powered by the force of freedom… The story of people who dared to dream…Ripe with passion…Rich with unforgettable characters… In a small town where the job serves as a meaning to win hearts and love, the poverty… to trample on the personalities, the mentalities… to be sold out as the traditions and the traditions… to be misused to the interests. A community that tries hard to leave behind the past and it longs to break mentalities, using “the costs” of the sufficient time to produce a film. The artistic feature film “Maya” is a drama where everything is build up on the clashes of two different mentalities. Sam, the son of an Albanian political emigrant visits for the first time Albania to rebury the remains of his father in his motherland, a behest made by him a long time ago before he passed away. He falls in love on first sight with Maya, a married woman to his cousin, the early envy of the police chief. The town is going through a very difficult situation and the people live among dilemmas and they suspect at everything. Our visitor is different to their eyes and very soon this “foreigner” becomes at the heart of the town attention. Despite the high pressure and the tension he is coping with, Sam makes no way back. It is Maya's daughter, 14 years old Hails that will turn upside down the unthinkable …


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