8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Lucas Mireles
Producer: Arom Starr-Paul
Cast:Castulo Guerra, Jorge Diaz, Juan Pablo Arbelaez, Luis Deveze, Manuel Jimenez Jr., Meeni Naqvi

In the desert, a son finds the body of his estranged mother. As he journeys to bury her, he is haunted by memories from the last day he saw her alive.

Lucas Mireles
A native Texan, Lucas Mireles is a former shot putter for the University of Houston and the Mexican Junior National Team. While in Texas, he found his passion for filmmaking while creating experimental and documentary short films. In 2008, he entered into the graduate directing/film production program at UCLA and has just completed writer/director duties on a German collaborative feature film inspired by Billy Wilderʼs People On Sunday. Another fictional narrative project entitled Range Junkies can simply be described as a “love story in a gun range” and is currently in post production. Hijo de mi Madre is his first dramatic narrative.

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