8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Angelo Campanile
Country: USA
Producer: Andrea Franchin, Bruno Miotto
Cast: Mariana Campos, Simone Gautschi, Tingting Yu, Yashia McGuire

What happens when four stunning poker female players try to win the same hand of a Texas Hold’Em game using the same trick? A duel, or better a “quadruel”, with a rather uncertain result, to say the least.

Angelo Campanile
Born in Rome in 1970, Campanile moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to study cinematography at the LACC. He took part in various film school projects, covering diverse positions on numerous film sets. In 2006 Campanile wrote, co-produced, directed and edited a short film, Out of focus, which was later selected in thirteen film festivals in USA. In 2008 he produced and directed a documentary film on Vasco Rossi Quello che non si potrebbe. In the same year his screenplay for a feature film Tutti quei giorni won the Best Comedy Award at the Endas International Screenplay Competition. Campanile’s last work is the short film Four of a Qind (2010). For this film too he was the screenwriter, producer, director and editor. Most recently he’s been working as a director on his second video clip for the Italian musician Giovanni Lombardi.

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