8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Giorgia Farina
Country: Italy
Producer: Giorgia Farina
Cast: Lando Buzzanca, Monica Scattini, Stefano Fregni

Achille is a “commedia all’italiana” that explores the world of an elderly man who challenges the limitations of his age in the pursuit of happiness. Achille is a retired high diver who lives alone in his small apartment on the Roman coast. When his daughter and her family come to visit him, Achille soon learns that they want to put him in a retirement home. At first, Achille seems to surrender to this sudden change of life. However, an amateur diving competition spurs Achille on and restores his self-belief..

Giorgia Farina
Born and raised in Rome, Giorgia Farina’s love affair with the arts started at an early age. It was only a matter of time until this passion led to success. Her talent as a visual artist was first recognized when she won several photography contests and later had these pictures published in prestigious photographic magazines. Giorgia began to explore the medium of film and has since directed various short films, many of which have been screened at festivals such as Venice, Santa Barbara, Chicago, Berlino, Pusan and Los Angeles. Recently she shot a documentary film on Italian mummy’s boy and she graduated cum laude in Film from Columbia University in New York. She has been selected to participate in the Talent Lab of the next edition of the Toronto Film Festival.

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