8-18 maggio 2013

Director: Alessandro Bardani
Country: Italy
Cast: Francesco Montanari, Giorgio Colangeli

Two people, Oreste e Madhi, live their loneliness in a diametrically opposite way. The experiences of Orestes and his belief that he had seen and experienced everything, and the Madhi's difficulty to live in a foreign country, create a fun combination between sarcasm and ingenuity. Starting from a simple road sign, is possible to end up telling yourself in a heart-to-heart way, because sometimes the best confidante is just a stranger.

Alessandro Bardani
"Relativity" was the debut of Alexander Bardani as a filmmaker for which he won the Alice award: a short film for David 2007. In 2012, he completed the short " Ce l'hai un minuto" and with a famous italian actor he created a sitcom for a webTV.
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